About Me

I’m a senior web developer currently working at Eventbrite. Previously I have worked at Apple, Trulia, and Disney on various web development teams and projects for the past 18 years. I also have an MBA so I’m interested in both website and business development.

I’m interested in all aspects of web based programming and am currently passionate about React, Redux, CSS in JS and Static Website Generators. I recently moved this blog over from a self hosted WordPress site to Gatsby.

On this blog I write about the lessons I learn in my daily life, mostly having to do with JavaScript, React, CSS, tooling, and anything else front-end web development related. Lately, I’ve been getting increasingly involved with React and styling solutions in React.

I have worked on various backend platforms and languages including Rails, Django, Spring, and have experience using PHP, Python, Java and C++ on the backend. I have extensive experience working with content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. I use VS Code coding. Previously I have used Atom, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Xcode, Coda and TextMate on my Mac.

I like all sorts of music, mainly extreme forms of metal, trance and hip-hop. I’m a devoted soccer player and fan. My favorite soccer club is FC Barcelona. I also like basketball and am a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.