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Sniff and Disable Firebug Howto (Gmail example)

Here is a simple test to see if users have Firebug installed on their browsers. Obviously this would also weed out non-FireFox users.

if (window.console && window.console.firebug) {
  alert("found Firebug");
  alert("can't find Firebug");

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Free Screenshot tools for web developers

From time to time you need to capture a web site in the form of an image. While you can easily use the Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc for windows or Command+Shift+4 in Mac, you might want to screen a site that is tall and or wide and requires scrolling to fully view in your browser. You also might want to perform multiple screen captures of various pages in various web browsers or only grab sections of a page. Below is a list of Windows, OSX and Linux tools you can use to take browser based screenshots in FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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FireBug Tips and Tricks

There is so much power packed into this little FireFox plug-in. It is truly a revolutionary tool for web developers. Here is a quick and dirty set of its most powerful features.

To get started, open up firebug using F12 or by clicking its icon in the lower right corner of FireFox. To jump straight to the console and start typing commands you can use the Ctrl+Shift+L keyboard shortcut. Continue »

Monkeying around with the Fox

I’ve bee having fun using Grease Monkey to mess around with DHTML of websites in Firefox. My first shot was a very simple Yahoo Cleanser user script that removes the ads on the main yahoo page. The possibilites are endless given the use XMLHTTPRequest , TreeWalkers and an array of other mozilla specific features. There are already hundreds of user scripts available for download.

To Install navigate to the script and choose Install User Script from the Tools menu, and Click OK. Next time you visit it should be nicely cleansed of ads.