All your Base are belong to us!

Watch out eBay, here comes Base, Google Base that is. Today the GOOG stock hit the $400 mark after the general public caught on.

It will be sometime before you can find your next concert ticket on Google Base and purchase it from Google. Completion of Google Wallet will help.

It remained to be seen how eBay, which owns a stake in craigslist, will react to the potential for Google to become a competitor. >>

Google Earth, Oh My God!

Finally, I crawled out of the hole and tried Google Earth. You will never look at maps the same way again. This thing is simply amazing. Wow! OK I just spent 1 hour looking at my city and took a 3-D virtual tour of the Grand Canyon. I stopped only because my machine froze. Perhaps it had to do with the amount of processing or graphics, or network usage. It's like playing video games with our little planet Earth. The real power of the software is in layers. Just like a Photoshop document, you can stack up layers of map data in Google Earth. Some of the many layers offered are, National Geographic Magazine, Keyhole Community BBS, Businesses, Roads, Terrain, Buildings, Borders, Crime Stats, Postal Code Boundaries, 3D buildings, Earthquakes and Populated places. The Google Earth software is currently in beta and is offered in Free, Plus, and Pro formats for Windows based PCs with lots of RAM and 3D graphics cards. I would guess almost all people who bought or built a PC or laptop in the past two years are in good shape. So Google has now officially entered the business of selling software. Besides Toolbar, Desktop, and Talk there are a slew of other helper applications. While Microsoft is going online with Live, Google is going "soft".