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1st iPhone post from WordPress app

Appstore app for WordPress is out … whooptie doo


A new version of the iPhone SDK is now available

I just received an email from the Apple iPhone Developer Program notifying me of a new iPhone SDK, this being the second beta version (build 9A2151).

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Aspen Simulator – Simulates iPhone Safari Browser

The latest release of the iPhone SDK from Apple comes with an array of new Mac utilities for developing iPhone specific software. One of the new tools included with the iPhone SDK beta is the Aspen Simulator. Aspen is an iPhone simulator that developers can test their apps on which emulates all of the the features and functionality of the iPhone. For example you can use the mouse to swipe the page up, down, even pinch and more. Continue »

Thoughts on App Store and Cocoa Touch for iPhone

Today, Apple has finally come out with it. Apple will run a store called App Store to sell your iPhone software for you to the general masses, through either iTunes, iPhone or iPod touch. So, every developer in the universe is going ape nuts trying to download the new 2GB iPhone SDK and gearing up for the June launch to the public. What about the business side of things?

Let’s take a look at the basics:

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iPhone plugin for WordPress

Do you want to load your blog faster and cleaner on your iPhone? The iWPhone beta v0.1 is here. The good people over at ContentRobot have created this plugin for WordPress that will render an iPhone optimized version of your WordPress blog when it is accessed from an iPhone.

The plugin sniffs the client’s user agent and uses its special theme for iPhone visitors. The theme looks similar to the basic WordPress blue theme and contains sections for your categories, trackbacks, permalinks, comments and even a share links section with post links to delicious, digg and technorati.

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