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Advanced Blog Stats From Clicky

I’ve been using Clicky from Performancing Inc. for the past few weeks now and I had to write this review to let everyone know about this amazingly powerful, unique and advanced statistical package that you should be using on your blog. Personally I have used many other statistics packages including Google Analytics, and many other stats packages for WordPress, but none of them have been as valuable as Clicky, and I find myself going back to it over and over again.

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iPhone plugin for WordPress

Do you want to load your blog faster and cleaner on your iPhone? The iWPhone beta v0.1 is here. The good people over at ContentRobot have created this plugin for WordPress that will render an iPhone optimized version of your WordPress blog when it is accessed from an iPhone.

The plugin sniffs the client’s user agent and uses its special theme for iPhone visitors. The theme looks similar to the basic WordPress blue theme and contains sections for your categories, trackbacks, permalinks, comments and even a share links section with post links to delicious, digg and technorati.

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