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FireFox3 Cache Check Frequency

It seems there is no way to set the frequency of when FireFox3 checks for new files on the server. If you are a web developer and are testing your code, you really want the browser to check for changes “every time” you refresh the page. You can always force the clean refresh by holding down the Command key (aka Apple key) on Macs or Shift on Windows.

There is a less painful way to do this in the advanced settings of FF3. Just open up about:config and look for browser.cache.check_doc_frequency. The value can be:
0 once per session
1 everytime
2 never
3 when out of date (default)

I recommend changing this value to 1 if you are developing and testing code.

You will then see lots of 304 not modified messages, and get 200s for your changed files.

Whats new in Safari 3.1 Web Inspector and Snippet Editor

Safari 3.1 features improvements to the functionality for the Web Inspector developers tool. In now has an improved console for working with JavaScript and DOM, DOM inspector with CSS support, a nice Network analysis tool and search all built in. It is somewhat comparable to the FireBug plugin for FireFox so I will also make some comparisons of their features.
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How Google Analytics determines Connection Speeds

Today I was looking for an unobtrusive method of determining a user’s connection speed using JavaScript. A quick search on Google returned an array of tricks mostly having to do with using Ajax to make a call behind the scenes, and track the payload time for the small file. In most cases people use an image with a random variable at the end to avoid caching, like image.jpg?foo=1Rt2X21. This is all good but adds an HTTP connection which could potentially interfere with the user’s experience, especially if they are already on a slow connection to begin with. Continue »

iPhone Browser Simulator

I have created a simple Simulator for the iPhone Safari ( web browser. You can use this to test you Web Applications and see how they might look in the Safari web browser included with the iPhone. I have tested this using IE7, FireFox2 and Safari 3 within Windows. The beautiful graphics come from the iPhoney project which is a wonderful application for testing using your Apple PC. I just wanted to have a quick and dirty browser based version of this tool that I can access from anywhere. Some of the iPhone apps are also listed for easy testing.
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Free Screenshot tools for web developers

From time to time you need to capture a web site in the form of an image. While you can easily use the Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc for windows or Command+Shift+4 in Mac, you might want to screen a site that is tall and or wide and requires scrolling to fully view in your browser. You also might want to perform multiple screen captures of various pages in various web browsers or only grab sections of a page. Below is a list of Windows, OSX and Linux tools you can use to take browser based screenshots in FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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