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Seinfeld Microsoft Ads

Finally got a look at the Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld ads for Microsoft. Pretty unconventional stuff and sometimes funny. There is no mention of Apple in the ad at all, which is what I was naturally expecting to see. This ad made me realize how much I miss Seinfeld. It been pretty cool to have other ads with Morty, Newman and Elaine. Take a look for yourself. I can go for a Churro right about now!

Here is an alternate pwned ending version, pretty weird.

Brand new Ad

Designer’s Delight – Bigg ups to SEO Rapper

The Poetic Prophet, AKA The SEO Rapper breaks down the world of designing with web standards with this amazing video. The Lyrics are simply awesome.

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Google Youtube Video Units Released

Google Youtube Video Units DemoAdSense Video Units is here! Get great video content from YouTube for your site and earn extra revenue along the way. So now you can make money and enhance your site with high quality, relevant video content from YouTube partners, and earn extra revenue along the way. To get started just log in to your AdSense account and click on the AdSense Setup tab. You will see a new product listed there called Video Units.
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Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Talk it Out Video Series

Gates and Jobs on Making a Mark in History… 15min 05sec

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Joost plans to do to TV, what MP3 did to CDs

Joost, which is pronounced “Juiced” from the makers of Skype is planning to do to Television what Napster did to the music industry. The business plan is to make money from commercials and share that revenue with content partners. While it runs on any PC today, Joost will eventually start selling TiVo / Xbox like hardware due to its graphic intensive nature. With time most TV watchers will switch from cable or sattelite to super highspeed internet connections that feeds into their flatscreen TVs. So, what does this mean for the future? What can it do for you today? I took the Joost beta for a test spin to find out.
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