Topic: web2.0

Yummy Yummy, New Delicious Design

Looks like the long awaited web 2.0izing of the website is finally here. Very sleek and sexy is my first impression.

Take a look at some of the older user interfaces to get a sense for how has evolved until now. Aside from the new look there are new features as well. The delicious dev team has supposedly completely rewritten the code base, to allow for a more scalable and spry tool.

New features:

Navigation: New simple CSS tabs with onclick drop down menus make is simple to find your tasty bookmarks. The navigation structures seems to borrow from Flickr. Search also comes with a simple drop down option list to find stuff in your bookmarks, network or everyone.

Bookmarks: You have Title view, regular view and Full View options here. View your popular bookmarks to filter the good stuff and filter down more by choosing fresh only.

Sidebar: is updated to show a relative set of tags related to your left content pane.

Action Box: This light blue box in the sidebar shows the common tasks for the given page.

Search URL: This is a reverse search for bookmarks and pulls in the ones with the given URL along with tags used for that URL by each user, broken down in chronological order. You can also view the notes added by each user to the given URL.

Settings: The settings page is laid out with all the actions listed on one page, similar to a sitemap.

Forums: There is a support forum that looks more like a categorized list of links than a forum. I like the non-cluttered design. Reminds me of Drupal.

As in the past their API is still available for developer consumption.

Flock to Web 2.0

?Say hello to FireFox’s bigger badder brother, Flock. I just got myself a copy of Flock Developer Preview 0.5pre. I’m testing it out under Win XP and so far it has been quite impressive. Flock is a web 2.0 mozilla based web browser with tagging, rss, blogging, remote bookmarking and other web servicability features. There is a build it “blog this” feature, however I was unable to post to my drupal using xmlrpc. The built in flickr browser is amazing. I tied my delicious bookmarks and now I can manage my links in Flock. There is a built in tag viewer in the Favorites Manager. Oh and there is an RSS reader similar to Safari’s, and a nice collection of extenstions too.

Musical Intelligence

So where can you go to discover new thirst quenching music? Sure iTunes, WinAmp and some plugins like Audioscrobbler, and Mobster are nice to suggest/sell you on some new stuff, and from time to time they’re on the money. In trying to find instant gratification I started looking for some artificial intelligence services that would recommend new musical groups to me on the fly. Here’s what I found:

  • Try Folksonomy sites: Upto11, GenieLab
  • Social playlists such as WebJay can be a great place to discover new tunes.
  • Gnod has a tool with questions and answers, nicely done!
  • The same person made music-map giving you a visual map of related artists
  • Another visual music map engine done in flash from Live Plasma
  • Although in Deutsch Music Recommender suggests actual albums
  • AMG lists “Similar Artists”, “Followers”, and “Influenced By” for each artist
  • Most unique of all, MusicStrands, supports tags and has tons of features

I’m off to find some fresh tunes for the spring.