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free windows apps you should know about

miniMIZE – miniMIZE catches windows that you minimize and puts a thumbnail of the main application window on your desktop. This is great for getting a visual representation of your taskbar and makes more sense to me. It also creates an uncluttered taskbar.

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Free Screenshot tools for web developers

From time to time you need to capture a web site in the form of an image. While you can easily use the Ctrl+Alt+PrtSc for windows or Command+Shift+4 in Mac, you might want to screen a site that is tall and or wide and requires scrolling to fully view in your browser. You also might want to perform multiple screen captures of various pages in various web browsers or only grab sections of a page. Below is a list of Windows, OSX and Linux tools you can use to take browser based screenshots in FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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Windows Freeware Top 5

Here’s some of the most notable pieces of good and free software I’ve found lately for Windows.
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