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1st iPhone post from WordPress app

Appstore app for WordPress is out … whooptie doo


Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 in 5 Minutes Flat

WordPress 2.5 is out with tons of sexy new features and a super slick layout. I was hesitant even though it looked really hot. Until I found probably the best WordPress Plugin ever created called “WordPress Automatic Upgrade” from Techie-Buzz. You install it and it walks you through a quick backup and upgrade process which takes less than 5 minutes.

I am truly impressed with both WP2.5 and the Automatic Upgrade plugin. The best user experience I’ve had upgrading blogging software, ever!

With 2.5 you get a cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard along with Built-in galleries, EXIF extraction, Multi-file upload with progress bar, Tag management, Search posts and pages, Friendlier visual post editor, Few-click plugin upgrades, Concurrent editing protection, Password strength meter, lots of security fixes, Media buttons, Custom Sizes for Thumbnails, and more.

iPhone plugin for WordPress

Do you want to load your blog faster and cleaner on your iPhone? The iWPhone beta v0.1 is here. The good people over at ContentRobot have created this plugin for WordPress that will render an iPhone optimized version of your WordPress blog when it is accessed from an iPhone.

The plugin sniffs the client’s user agent and uses its special theme for iPhone visitors. The theme looks similar to the basic WordPress blue theme and contains sections for your categories, trackbacks, permalinks, comments and even a share links section with post links to delicious, digg and technorati.

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Blogging with WordPress and Word 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 has added the ability to publish blogs as well as the ability to upload images to your blog server. Word works with any blogging software that supports the XMLRPC protocol. Luckily all of the popular blogs have by now implemented this standard. I’ve tested these methods in WordPress and Drupal without any issues. Here is a quick tutorial on getting it setup for WordPress. I am actually publishing this post itself from within Word.
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