Musical Intelligence

So where can you go to discover new thirst quenching music? Sure iTunes, WinAmp and some plugins like Audioscrobbler, and Mobster are nice to suggest/sell you on some new stuff, and from time to time they're on the money. In trying to find instant gratification I started looking for some artificial intelligence services that would recommend new musical groups to me on the fly. Here's what I found:

  • Try Folksonomy sites: Upto11, GenieLab
  • Social playlists such as WebJay can be a great place to discover new tunes.
  • Gnod has a tool with questions and answers, nicely done!
  • The same person made music-map giving you a visual map of related artists
  • Another visual music map engine done in flash from Live Plasma
  • Although in Deutsch Music Recommender suggests actual albums
  • AMG lists "Similar Artists", "Followers", and "Influenced By" for each artist
  • Most unique of all, MusicStrands, supports tags and has tons of features

I'm off to find some fresh tunes for the spring.

Scarred Metal

One of the most innovative, influential and respected metal guitar players of the past century was ruthlessly killed on stage yesterday by a deranged fan. Dimebag Darrell is no longer alive. We as metal fans have been robbed of his musical talents. I was never able to see Pantera live, since their shows always sold out in minutes. eBay didn't exist then. He was 38. Here are a few lines from the Pantera song Cemetary Gates.

Well I guess You took my youth I gave it all away Like the birth of a New-found joy This love would end in rage