Flock to Web 2.0

?Say hello to FireFox’s bigger badder brother, Flock. I just got myself a copy of Flock Developer Preview 0.5pre. I’m testing it out under Win XP and so far it has been quite impressive. Flock is a web 2.0 mozilla based web browser with tagging, rss, blogging, remote bookmarking and other web servicability features. There is a build it “blog this” feature, however I was unable to post to my drupal using xmlrpc. The built in flickr browser is amazing. I tied my delicious bookmarks and now I can manage my links in Flock. There is a built in tag viewer in the Favorites Manager. Oh and there is an RSS reader similar to Safari’s, and a nice collection of extenstions too.


  1. Thanks to ax there is now a patch that fixes auto discovery for drupal sites in Flock. Although posting new entries generates this error:

    Oops! There has been an error posting to your blog. Please double check your account settings, or try again later.

    after clicking publish.

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