So where can you go to discover new thirst quenching music? Sure iTunes, WinAmp and some plugins like Audioscrobbler, and Mobster are nice to suggest/sell you on some new stuff, and from time to time they're on the money. In trying to find instant gratification I started looking for some artificial intelligence services that would recommend new musical groups to me on the fly. Here's what I found:

  • Try Folksonomy sites: Upto11, GenieLab
  • Social playlists such as WebJay can be a great place to discover new tunes.
  • Gnod has a tool with questions and answers, nicely done!
  • The same person made music-map giving you a visual map of related artists
  • Another visual music map engine done in flash from Live Plasma
  • Although in Deutsch Music Recommender suggests actual albums
  • AMG lists "Similar Artists", "Followers", and "Influenced By" for each artist
  • Most unique of all, MusicStrands, supports tags and has tons of features

I'm off to find some fresh tunes for the spring.