Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 in 5 Minutes Flat

By Joe Seifi

WordPress 2.5 is out with tons of sexy new features and a super slick layout. I was hesitant even though it looked really hot. Until I found probably the best WordPress Plugin ever created called "Wordpress Automatic Upgrade" from Techie-Buzz. You install it and it walks you through a quick backup and upgrade process which takes less than 5 minutes.

I am truly impressed with both WP2.5 and the Automatic Upgrade plugin. The best user experience I've had upgrading blogging software, ever!

With 2.5 you get a cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard along with Built-in galleries, EXIF extraction, Multi-file upload with progress bar, Tag management, Search posts and pages, Friendlier visual post editor, Few-click plugin upgrades, Concurrent editing protection, Password strength meter, lots of security fixes, Media buttons, Custom Sizes for Thumbnails, and more.