Using Gtalk with Miranda IM

By Joe Seifi

If you use Miranda IM as your instant messaging app in Windows and you want to use Google Talk which uses the Jabber protocol, you can use these steps to setup an additional Jabber plugin for Miranda and configure it to use the Google servers.

This will allow you to use both a regular Jabber account and GTalk simultaneously withing Miranda.

From the Miranda Wiki

Miranda can handle as many multiple connections to different accounts as one might need. The way it's done in Miranda requires the user to clone the dll file for the appropriate protocol as many times as many accounts of that protocol he wants to stay connected to at the same time. To connect to multiple AIM/ICQ/Jabber/MSN/Yahoo and other protocols you have to:
  1. Turn off Miranda
  2. Browse to the Plugins directory
  3. Rename the protocol's dll file to a preffered name, for example: 'aim_1.dll' or 'aim_home.dll' etc.
  4. Copy the renamed dll file to a different directory
  5. Rename the copied dll file to a name that will let to easily distinguish the accounts, for example: 'aim_2.dll' or 'aim_work.dll' etc.
  6. Move the just renamed dll file back to the Plugins directory

Once you have that setup start up Miranda and configure your new GTalk DLL with these settings from the Google Talk Support page for Miranda.

  • Username: Your Google Talk username (without any @ symbol or domain information)
  • Password: Your password
  • Login Server: gmail.com
  • If you're signing in with a Google Account that's not linked to any Google email service, enter gmail.com
  • Google Mail accounts should enter googlemail.com
  • Google Apps users, please visit the Apps Help Center for instructions.
  • Use SSL: Yes
  • Manually specify connection host: Yes
  • Host: talk.google.com
  • Port: 5223
  • Keep connection alive: Yes