So I have to admit after a disappointing season last time, I wasn't expecting much from the Lakers in the beginning of the season this year. But after watching a few games and seeing Phil back on the bench I gradually started to gain confidence in our team again. I was mad to see Mihm benched but Kwame stepped up. Bynum dunking on Shaq was awesome, and Kobe's 81 was unreal.

What I think happened in the first round against Phoenix was that I, like most people in LA started to overestimate the current Lakers roster and their skill level. Likewise I think most Lakers players might have underestimated the power of their rival Suns.

You can't teach experience. Sure I'm depressed about giving up the series, about not fouling in the last 6 seconds, about being up 3 and going down, about not going down fighting, about throwing in the towel in game seven way too early, and last but not least about not being able to watch the "could-have-been" historic series between the Clippers and Lakers. But at the end of the day I think the better team won. Maybe next season Lakers can close out games. Maybe next time they will play with more heart and urgency knowing they had their heart broken. Maybe they will?.