Dirty words are funny... the best of the git profanity comments

By Joe Seifi

Andrew Vos published code that charts the amount of profanity per language in git comments. C++, Ruby and JavaScript had the highest profanity rate, while PHP and Python had the lowest. Andrew also posted the list of commit messages that were used in his study. Needless to say there's some really funny stuff in there. Below is a selection of some of the messages from that list.

How much fucking swearing do you want to bloody well have when the fuckin' shit is put in with the godamn commit messages - More copyright shit - Complete UI rewrite for the fucking map dialog, since VS2010 crapped on it. New Dial control for time editing, and lots of shit is broken now. - holy shit changes - bunch of shit was deleted - make this shit work! - Added some functionality; naming shit and etc - Hack changes that tries to make team shit to work - Removed xml and shit from the repo - Removed some shit - okay, duh. the timeout shit didn't work at all. - LL can't even write a fucking installer, what the fuck - Start modifying the API and breaking the fuck out of everything - fuck it. let's release - Dunno how the fuck this was working before... - I KNEW this would fuck us at some point. Use the *.bin now. - fuck me sideways i've been working on this thing for a while - fuck it, roll our own socketpairs - fix more not closing files. what the fuck was i on when i wrote this code??? - fuck up paths a bit less - fuck this again 2 - fix for spec fuck up - argh fuck people include your .gitmodules - fuck all the tests, you're going to have to live without them - removed console.logs to it doesn't fuck up other browsers - fuck git - Clean some more tests. This one might break things but fuck you - Minor test cleanup. Hackish, but fuck you. - shit works, rollbacks implemented - fuck it. I hate formatting syntaxes - fuck you and your rubygems - Finished Implementation but this shit still kinda breaks.

The full list is here https://github.com/AndrewVos/github-statistics/blob/master/profanity.yml