All your Base are belong to us!

Watch out eBay, here comes Base, Google Base that is. Today the GOOG stock hit the $400 mark after the general public caught on.

It will be sometime before you can find your next concert ticket on Google Base and purchase it from Google. Completion of Google Wallet will help.

It remained to be seen how eBay, which owns a stake in craigslist, will react to the potential for Google to become a competitor. >>

Missed Tax Deductions

This is a great list of 55 commonly Missed Tax Deductions. Some of the most tricky ones I found are:

  • Penalty on early withdrawal of savings
  • Failing to add the amount of reinvested funds (e.g., dividends) to your cost when computing gain or loss on the sale of mutual funds
  • Business gifts to a maximum of $25 per recipient
  • Mortgage prepayment penalties
  • Points or origination fees on a mortgage to purchase a residence
  • Accounting fees for tax preparation
  • Depreciation on home computers to the extent used for business or investments