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Yummy Yummy, New Delicious Design

Looks like the long awaited web 2.0izing of the website is finally here. Very sleek and sexy is my first impression.

Take a look at some of the older user interfaces to get a sense for how has evolved until now. Aside from the new look there are new features as well. The delicious dev team has supposedly completely rewritten the code base, to allow for a more scalable and spry tool.

New features:

Navigation: New simple CSS tabs with onclick drop down menus make is simple to find your tasty bookmarks. The navigation structures seems to borrow from Flickr. Search also comes with a simple drop down option list to find stuff in your bookmarks, network or everyone.

Bookmarks: You have Title view, regular view and Full View options here. View your popular bookmarks to filter the good stuff and filter down more by choosing fresh only.

Sidebar: is updated to show a relative set of tags related to your left content pane.

Action Box: This light blue box in the sidebar shows the common tasks for the given page.

Search URL: This is a reverse search for bookmarks and pulls in the ones with the given URL along with tags used for that URL by each user, broken down in chronological order. You can also view the notes added by each user to the given URL.

Settings: The settings page is laid out with all the actions listed on one page, similar to a sitemap.

Forums: There is a support forum that looks more like a categorized list of links than a forum. I like the non-cluttered design. Reminds me of Drupal.

As in the past their API is still available for developer consumption.

Is it Hot or Not?

  • Twitter is Hot, Friendster is Not. here’s a really funny cartoon about Twitter.
  • Ajax Frameworks are Hot, C++ Frameworks are Not
  • User Generated Vidoes are Hot, User Generated Podcasts are Not
  • Python is Hot, Perl is Not? Continue »

The local heat is on

Everyone’s going local! Google now offers local Froogle search results on a map. so you can see what those stores are selling, without having to go there.

Couple new players in this field are Judy’s Book and TrueLocal

Microsoft has too many portals

After playing around with My MSN and Start, Microsoft has now released That’s 3 portals that do pretty much the same thing as far as the average user is concerned (well OK has some cool web 2.0 ajax ideas). There are also a few other portal type pages in the Microsoft realm including Search, the Microsoft page itself, the Windows portal and the Xbox portal. Compare all those with just one portal each for Yahoo, Google and Apple. The main difference is that these companies have a single point of access to all of their products and services. Can you say c o n s o l i d a t e? Bill gates should probably read “The art of not confusing your users”. Until that gets published he can try Why Business People Speak Like Idiots.

I guess it will be another year before MS decides to release yet another redundant portal with an expensive domain name. Now I’m really beginning to wonder if the giant guerilla can save itself. Another reason why being small is a bonus these days. The latest release is going to somehow tie into a new platform. Wow! Best of luck with that!

First Searchable Directory of Hurricane Katrina victims

The super smart and caring people at the EarthLink have created a life saver of a tool for Hurricane Katrina victims. You can simply enter your status and whereabouts, if you are a victim; or search for your loved ones to make sure they are OK. Visit Hurricane Help: The site also has compiled a comprehensive list of other websites that store Katrina Victims’ information.