Yahoo News Beta

By Joe Seifi

Yahoo News Beta is a nice redesign with a nice set of features and upgrades of the historic Yahoo news service. The UI is very simple and uncluttered. As with Google News you can add/move the categories of news available. Within each category you can tab through sub-category news providers. The "My Sources" tab in each category allows you to choose and personalize your sources. Also in the same tab you can hide/show the content of each source by clicking on the source name. In the full page for each category you can choose to see only Headlines or Headlines and summary. There is also a nice weather addition on the main page. The downside is that the special report and breaking news section on top are not editable.

The most notable addition is the integration Y!Q into news context. When you click a purple arrow, a box loads open with related headlines and products. Although this is great for promoting Yahoo! features, I have yet to see the user benefits of this feature.