Frustrations as a Web professional

By Joe Seifi

Roger writes a great rant about his frustrations?in life as a web developer. I have to agree that these points are quite?real. Here is his list for excuses why people don't always do the best they can in web development.

Visual consistency - "... please do everybody a favour and stick to the safety of your printed brochures."

Engaging user experience - "..people who talk a lot about creating a good user experience are more often than not completely clueless about usability "

Target audience - "This is the Web. The only thing you know about who will come is that you do not know who will come."

Statistics - "Using the statistics defence is letting your (bad) design and/or technology choices determine who your target audience is."

HTML-challenged IDEs and frameworks - "It seems like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all way too complicated for most back-end programmers. "

Some others are "The real world" and "It gets the job done"